On Vacation/Away from Home

Struggling to understand speech but your away from your primary provider or on vacation. Come in and see us! We’ll chat, clean your devices and assess if we are able to adjust your devices (cochlear implant, BAHA or hearing aid) to meet your hearing needs.

Hearing Health is About Relationships

After you get glasses, you keep going to the eye doctor — annual checkups ensure the glasses still fit your needs. Same with dental work — you’re not done with the dentist once a cavity is filled. And so, it is with hearing care: Your relationship with us ensures your devices always meet the needs of your listening lifestyle. Let us know about increased challenges listening, so we can adjust your settings to suit your needs.

New Settings

The birth of a child, a new job, or a new hobby can affect whether your current settings match your hearing needs. Annual evaluations, or even clean and checks, are a great time to let us know about any changes in your listening environments, so we can adjust your settings if necessary.

Hearing Help

You might continue to lose hearing over time because of aging or other factors. At your annual hearing checkup, your device settings are adjusted to reflect any changes in your hearing needs.

Technology Transitions

If your listening lifestyle changes enough, you might need to upgrade your hearing aid technology. Through the relationship you’ve cultivated with us, we’re in a unique position to match the latest updates in hearing technology to your updated listening lifestyle.

Has it been a while since we last saw you? Come on in! We’ll chat, clean your devices, and check how well you’re hearing. Call today to schedule your appointment!