Why do I need to get my hearing devices professionally cleaned?

Your hearing devices are tiny computers. Just like your personal computer at home, your hearing technology needs to be kept dry and dust-free to keep working properly.

Cleaning your devices daily is essential: Wiping down your hearing technology every night, using the cleaning tools that come with your devices, replacing parts such as filters or tubes, and storing your hearing aids overnight in a dehumidifier go a long way toward protecting your investment in better hearing.

But despite your diligence, wax or debris will eventually sneak into ports, clog up tubes, and obstruct vents, leaving you with lackluster technology: Tubes, screens, and microphones simply can’t do what they’re supposed to covered in gunk. Even worse, certain chemicals in earwax can degrade the delicate internal components of your hearing devices.

That’s where we come in. We have special vacuums that remove wax from hard-to-reach areas, and we have the expertise to safely clean vents, screens, and receivers.

We repair broken hearing aids parts, check that everything’s in working order, and clean inside and out, so you continue to enjoy optimum performance from your technology.

How often should I have my hearing aids cleaned by a professional?

That depends on several factors:

  • How you wear your devices;
  • how much you perspire;
  • How much earwax you tend to develop in your ears.

That’s why we typically recommend having your devices cleaned and checked for any malfunctions once every six months. At that rate, you can be confident that your devices are working their best and giving you the most return for your investment in better hearing. And that’s why, when you purchase devices from us, we include three years of semiannual clean and checks — there’s no excuse not to stop in and have them checked!

Has it been a while since we last saw you? Come on in! We’ll chat, clean your devices, and repair any broken parts. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!