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At Winter Haven Audiology, we always take time to talk with you and answer your questions. We explain carefully your options and assist you in making the best, most well informed decision possible about the appropriate aids for your lifestyle and your particular hearing loss.

We strive to make you and your family members feel comfortable. We make certain that you understand what hearing aids will and will not do for you. You will gain a knowledge of all different types and styles of hearing aids from the basic to the most sophisticated 100% digital. You will leave with a clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each, the costs involved, and specific recommendations. In most cases you will be able to actually HEAR the product in the office, to assist in your decision making process.

-Kevin Barlow
Welcome, We are an AudigyCertified Practice
AudigyCertified providers adhere to a strict set of AGX certified patient care standards that deliver unsurpassed patient satisfaction. Only the top providers in the U.S. hold this distinction. No other provider in the area holds this award.

Our AGX Protection Plan
• 75 day trial period and retraining program on all new hearing aid purchases
• 3-year warranty, 3 year loss & damage insurance on AGX 5, 7, 9 models
• 3-year free battery program
• Complimentary Quarterly Cleanings and Checkups for your hearing system

Our Core Values: The Five Xs
We are: Experienced Professionals who give Expert Advice. We prescribe Extraordinary Technology. Our entire staff is dedicated to delivering Excellent Service. All this results in Exceptional Value.

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